Electric Tile Grout Removal Tool

The Only Tile Grout Removal Tool You'll Ever Need... Ever wonder how a professional regrout company can regrout in less than 4 hours? They use the Electric Grout Remover. The tool of choice by professionals!

Easy Tile Grout Removal at Last!

Choose The Grout Remover for fast regrouting jobs. Remove Grout in a fraction of the time it would take using a manual tool. Regrout and Recaulk tubs, showers, floors, and counter tops - making them look new again just like the professionals!

30 Day Replacement Part Warranty

Because our tool is a specialty tool, we offer no refunds on the product. We do however offer a 30-day replacement warranty for any tool that is damaged or does not meet our standards.
The Grout Removal Tool
Grout Removal Tool

Grout Removal Tool with Wand
Grout Removal Tool

Not Available Anywhere Else! The Grout Remover was designed to expedite the time it takes to remove old grout. It was developed by a seasoned professional in the regrouting industry. Now you can purchase the exact same tool the professionals use!
  • Easy To Use
  • Dustless
  • With Pulsating Action
  • Safe To Us
  • Avoids Chipping
  • Comfortable Hand Grip
  • Used To Remove Non-Sanded Grout
Grout Remover Tool
Grout Remover Tool
Grout Remover Tool
Grout Remover Tool